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Red Dot Design Museum

Additional information

Important note

The Red Dot Design Museum is open to the public. Opening hours: Tuesdays to Sundays 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. However, special protection rules apply. For example, the wearing of a face mask is obligatory. Contact details must also be provided. You can bring the form already filled out.

Please note that tickets cannot be pre-ordered by telephone. However, there are also no long waiting times at the box office.

Please note: We will open a new exhibition on October 23. At the moment the construction work is in progress. Museum operations will continue normally, but small areas may be closed for a short time. 

Protection rules during the pandemic

We are endeavouring to minimise the risk of infection for our guests and for ourselves. Consequently, the following rules will apply to all visits:

Groups of visitors are permitted up to 5 persons.

We are obligated to collect the visitor's data, i.e. name, address, telephone number (Corona Protection Ordinance § 2a). This data is kept for four weeks and then deleted.

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• We will ensure that there is always only a limited number of people in the museum at any given time. We ask that you be patient if this maximum number is already present.

• Visitors are asked to wear a face mask.

• At the moment, only cashless payments are possible.

• Please observe the distance markings in the foyer. Once inside the museum, please ensure that you respect the minimum distance of 1.5 metres from other visitors.

• We are a "hands-on" museum, which means that our exhibits can be touched and tried out. However, due to current events, we must ask you to disinfect your hands beforehand with the disinfectant provided in the entrance area.



Designated parking facilities for handicapped people can be found at the parking site P A2.

The Red Dot Design Museum is accessible for wheelchair user via a ramp (grade: 6 degree).

A wheelchair is available free of charge for visiting the museum. Reservation by phone: +49 201 30104–25.

All floors of the Red Dot Design Museum can be reached via lift and are accessible for wheelchair. Exception: a small area of the exhibition on the fourth floor is only accessible via stairs.

Wheelchair accessible bathrooms are available on the ground floor.

On request, the Red Dot Design Museum offers an accompanying service for visually impaired people. Pre-booking by phone 48 hours in advance: +49 201 30104–60.

Exhibits & liability
The Red Dot Design Museum would like to advise you that touching, handling and trying out most exhibits are permitted at your own risk. Please proceed with due care. The Red Dot Design Museum expressly excludes any liability for consequences resulting from your actions and behaviour, especially any injuries or damage caused.

Visitors will be held liable for the full extent of any damage caused by their behaviour to exhibits and other objects within the museum. Parents or supervisors and escorts will be held liable for any minors in their charge.

In the lobby of the museum, visitors can lock up their valuables. Please note that large bags need to be locked in. For each key, visitors need to pay a deposit of 5 euros which will be refunded when returning the key. The Red Dot Design Museum assumes no liability for lost goods.

A coat stand is available in the lobby of the museum. The Red Dot Design Museum accepts no responsibility for the loss of coats, luggage or other items.

Taking photos for private use only is allowed in the Red Dot Design Museum Essen. For publication, the museum's approval is needed.

The exhibition in the Red Dot Design Museum is monitored on CCTV.

Food and drinks

The consumption of food and drinks is not allowed in the Red Dot Design Museum Essen.

Dogs are not allowed in the Red Dot Design Museum.

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