DEEN Red Dot Award




Red Dot Design Museum

Apple: Design icons of the 21st century

Nearly everybody can remember the moment when he or she first saw or held an Apple product in their hand – regardless of whether it was an iMac, iPod, iPhone or iPad. What is making these products so desirable? What is their fascination all about? With a small selection of the company’s award-winning designs, the Red Dot Design Museum documents the design evolution of the products, which like hardly others stand for the present zeitgeist.

No doubt, the Apple Industrial Design Team has influenced our lifestyle and product culture in the first decade of the 21st century. Function and use of computers as well as communication and entertainment devices are thought-out and elaborate down to the last detail. There is nothing that distracts, nothing that could be left out. Each product is self-explanatory; each on its own is of outstanding quality. At the same time, each object fits into a formal language that appeals by uncompromising simplicity and understated elegance.

In the past ten years, the exhibited products were awarded the Red Dot quality seal. Already in 2002, Jonathan Ive and the Apple Industrial Design Team were honoured as “Red Dot: Design Team of the Year“.

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