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Product of the month: the “stæp” kick scooter

stæp is an innovative kick scooter available as a normal version or an electric version. The scooters are designed without a traditional frame, with the front fork with handlebars and the rear section instead connected via a wooden plank that is reminiscent of a skateboard. Together with large pneumatic tyres, this combination of kick scooter and skateboard is a pleasure to ride. Because the tyres are suspended on just one side, the scooters are especially compact and foldable. So they can easily be stowed in a car, on the bus or train, making them the perfect way to master the daily commute and get around town.

The product of the month was chosen by Björn Steinhoff, Director PR & Communications at Red Dot. He gave the reasons for his choice as follows:

“stæp breaks with existing design conventions for kick scooters: Every aspect of the design is geared unapologetically to weight reduction, the smallest possible packing dimensions and maximum agility. It will win you over either as a sport scooter powered by yourself or as an e-scooter driven by a battery – both are equally fun to ride. These kick scooters made in Germany have a top-notch spec with very high-quality components. The surprising suspension stems from a combination of the footboard and the pneumatic tyres, ensuring a pleasurable ride even when braking or drifting. Individualised accessories are available.”

Information on the product: 

Kick scooter
Manufacturer: go!mate GmbH, Klein Nordende, Germany
In-house design: Thomas Neye

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