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Red Dot Design Area


Red Dot awarded Product Benchmarks from Taiwan and Abroad

From 7 December 2016 – 23 April 2017, the Red Dot Design Area Taipei presents a new exhibition: “Juxtapositions: Red Dot awarded Product Benchmarks from Taiwan and Abroad”. On show are Taiwanese and international objects which were granted a prize in the Red Dot Award: Product Design, one of the internationally largest product competitions. With a view to design, the presentation illustrates where Taiwan is positioned in the world.

“Juxtapositions” means the presentation of objects side-by-side. Thus, the eponymous exhibition does not only confront two equal products with each other, but also two nations, two manufacturers and two designers: An exhibit from Taiwan is always presented with an equivalent from another country. Therefore, a bike from Taiwan encounters a bike from Germany, a notebook from Taiwan comes upon one from the USA, and a Taiwanese stool is presented in comparison with a counterpart from Switzerland.

Similarities as well as varieties are illustrated with the help of this confronting presentation. It enables visitors to experience product-specific and cultural features as well as design characteristics of manufacturers and designers in direct comparison. In that way, the exhibition “Juxtapositions” informs about the quality of good design and offers at the same time a school of judgement.

Due to its magnitude, continuity and its fairness regarding the evaluation of the entries, the Red Dot Design Award depicts the current happenings in international industrial design. By confronting 40 products of Taiwanese designers and manufacturers with 40 equal objects from around the world, the exhibition “Juxtapositions” works out Taiwan’s position in the world of design. The product pairs come from diverse fields of everyday life, among others lifestyle, consumer electronics, health care as well as lamps and lighting. All of the exhibits have their good design quality in common, for which they were awarded with the internationally accepted Red Dot quality seal by an expert jury.