DEEN Red Dot Award




Red Dot Design Museum

Until 2 November: „Formosa Forms“

Sculptural lamps, high-performance notebooks and elaborate bicycles: with well-designed products from various life worlds, Taiwan ranks among the  world market leaders in the design sector. Millions of people around the globe use the innovations of the insular state in the Western Pacific which was once called “Ilha Formosa” (beautiful island), without knowing that their daily companions come from there.

With well-shaped and elaborate products and communication projects, the exhibition “Formosa Forms” documents contemporary developments of Taiwan from 1 October until 2 November 2014. About 100 exhibits from the fields of technology and lifestyle show the contrast as well as the symbiosis of tradition and modernity and illustrate the present design understanding of Taiwanese manufacturers and designers. All of the drafts stand for prizewinning design – they were decorated with the Red Dot and the Golden Pin Design Award.