DEEN Red Dot Award




Red Dot Design Museum

The special exhibition “Making a Difference / A Difference in Making” brings together pioneering 3D-printed works of art, design, engineering and science. It is curated by Marta Malé-Alemany, architect and recognized researcher in the field of digital fabrication technologies, and produced by Materialise, a 3D printing company based in Belgium. » More

In 2015, Philips celebrated its 90 years of design history. In In recognition of the continuously good design achievements, the Red Dot Design Museum Essen dedicates a separate studio exhibition to the company: “Products for Generations: 90 Years of Philips Design” » Further information

Guded tour of the special exhibition

All those who want to get deeper insights into the exciting world of 3D printing can book individual guided tours of the special exhibition “Making a Difference / A Difference in Making”. Further information at the museum’s reception (Phone: + 49 201 30104-60).